10 Things Must Do in an Interview

Number 1#
Prepare a list of documents that need to be brought to your job interview.The aim is to ensure you do not miss important documents while on the interview.Check the document that has been collected.

Number 2#
  • How to dress for men:
  • Make sure you wear a tie.
  • Wear leather shoes and make sure your shoes are polished.
  • Make sure you wear long-sleeved shirts because the shirts look more professional than short sleeves.
  • Shirts and pants you must look neat and ironed.
  • Avoid dark colored shirts.
  • Avoid wearing too strong fragrance.

Number 3#

  • How to dress for girls:
  • Wear clothes that look formal and appropriate for the office.
  • Avoid clothes with a color or pattern that is too caught attention.
  • Wear closed shoes.
  • Do not wear too much jewellery.
  • Your clothing should be neat.

Number 4#
For men keep your hair short and neatly combed.For women who are not veiled, make sure your hair is combed neatly.

Number 5#
Keep your nails short and clean cut for men. for girls, nails should look beautiful and clean.

Number 6#
Come early to the interview, preferably 20 minutes before the appointed time.

Number 7#
When your name is called, go with a smile and confidence.Give greetings or Good Morning or Good Evening depending on the interview. Sit only when you are allowed to sit back and say thank you.

Number 8#

  • Things you need to do or be aware of when questioned by panel:
  • Answer questions calmly, do not show your anxiety.
  • Look towards the interview panel when answering questions. Do not look to the ground because it shows you are not sure of your answer.
  • Do not argue or raise your voice in front of the interview panel.
  • Let the panel finish a question or sentence them first before you start talking. Avoid cutting their conversation.
  • Answer the questions in the context of the question. Do not answer out of context question.
  • If you do not know the answer, tell that you do not know the answer. As experienced interview panel will know you cheated them.

Number 9#
After a question and answer interview, usually panel will try to end the interview by asking you if you have any questions, ask them when you will be notified of the results of the interview.

Number 10#
Once everything is finished, thank you for giving me the chance to attend the interview. Smile and go out quietly.

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